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Data Securuty

At Datta Gupta & Associates, our workflow keeps data security as the highest priority

  • we prefer to work online for our off shore clients; 

  • by accessing our client's data servers by remote computer access or VPN provided by our clients; 

  • working online, encodes transmissions with secure encryption; 

  • as such , no one can see / have access to data online, unless they are allowed to;

  • no client data resides on servers at our end;

  • individual project have separate domain, servers, workstations, test and deployment environment;

  • authorized access to the domain, servers and workstations;

  • data transfer and access is prohibited across project domains.

     Our technical infrastructure ensures:

  • All Systems are within LAN (configured with Private IP);

  • Firewalls - All ports except SMTP and DNS are disabled for the external world;

  •  Authorization and Password Policy; 

  • Encryption Policy; 

  • Intrusion Detection System; Antivirus.

Simultaneously, to ensure security of client's confidential information, strict controls over personnel , are adhered to : 

  • While recruiting, we check reference, feedback from previous employer etc. to ensure integrity of our employees .

  • Our facilities have restricted access to the building (s) and each employee has restricted access to your files and documents; 

  • Entry into Network/Server rooms restricted to authorized resources; 

  • Segregated areas for each customer's projects;   

  • Data Security Monitoring; 

  • Moreover, all employees undergo a screening process and sign confidentiality agreements; 




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